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Passionate about IT, we come above all from the business world.


If we are so attentive and so effective in understanding your issues, it is because we have experienced your situation as managers of companies that have nothing to do with communication.


We therefore know your issues perfectly and we have developed expertise in local business referencing and a mastery of Google My Business in Bordeaux, which has earned us recognition from Google with the official community of Google advertisers for the Google My Business tool. .



Locaux de My Local Buziness - L'agence d'expert produit Google Business Profile depuis 2015 sur Bordeaux



Julien Morin


Nicolas Bougouin

I am convinced that the technology we create must serve us   and not enslave us. 


Too often,  I have met business leaders lost in the digital jungle, which tends to expand more and more over the years.


These tools allow us to be within the reach of our customers! 

Very often we undergo the too rapid evolutions of these technologies

How many times have I been able to accompany people who have signed 72-month commitments with companies that do not provide them with any concrete solutions. 

It was in 2014 that my path crossed that of Florian Bourdon , Jessica Millot , Stephane Terrazza , Ivan Misner , and it was also at this time that I discovered BNI .

My vocation, to accompany and learn how to always accompany the entrepreneur who wishes to develop his turnover in an intelligent and relevant way. 

When you develop your business, you are alone, isolated, often lost in procedures and steps, stuck between your personal family and professional life.


I created My Local Buziness   to support entrepreneurs in each stage of their development, both by taking full control of digital tools to create leads but also in support by training or coaching to allow you to think about your offers, products and services but above all to support you no more and no less in the realization of your dreams! 

Together let's dream higher! Let's dare, let's be proud to undertake and succeed together! 

My current goal is to develop a network of local experts in France who are close to you to support you in a relevant way! 


But because life isn't just about business, I also joined the Rotary Club of Bordeaux this year for its commitment to the fight against climate change and for its humanitarian commitments.


A new chapter in our commitment to each other...

Veronique Lescure.jpg

Susie Mauvieux

In 2021, I joined My Local Buziness, a dynamic, innovative company close to its customers. This last point is one of the things I like the most in my job: the proximity to my clients.


Trained in the process to become a Google Product Expert, I support you in your digital transformation process. Thus, I manage your news in a centralized and efficient way on all your digital points; Google Business Profile (Google My Business), social networks, and WEB site.


My goal is to save you time and money. I therefore ensure, through various tools, that your SEO is optimal. 

So together, let's move forward! 



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